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Gebbe Björkman

I was born in Linköping, Sweden, in 1945 and since 1978, I work as a fulltime Fine Art Artist. I live in the village of Ödeshög, Sweden, close to the big, cold and deep freshwaterlake Vättern, birdlake Tåkern and below the shadow of Mountain Omberg. Right in the heart of southern Sweden, where Nature and Culture is so very rich and the light is blessed. Perfect for an artist with nature and landscape in mind and soul!

I am well known for my paintings in water colour, oil, acrylic and tempera, based on sketches directly from reality in the nature - refined in the studio to pictures containing both an inner as well as an outside sensibility, where light, colour treatment and composition play great and important roles. I am a dedicated naturalist in life and art.

I give you some examples from my work of art down below. And you may find a lot more of interest if you click on the icons further down, to visit my Webexhibition, have a look in my book of Journeys, try my Birdmix Contest, find something For sale or write your name in my Guestbook.





If you have a chance to visit Sweden and the studio, feel that you are always very welcome indeed!

My studio Ateljé Gebbe is situated at Storgatan 13, S-599 31 Ödeshög, Sweden, +46 (0)144 318 10

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